Every house needs more than one bathroom!

And this is the perfect space...

Just needs a few touches...

and a plan....

Let's start with the windows.

Second floor,
ladder work,
 hire a pro!
This project will continue.....

Upstairs projects....

The upstairs has one room in a unique "L" shape floorplan.
One part was painted pink and the other orange -
I could not get the white primer painted on fast enough!
Then we need to address the holes and cracks
 in all of the drywall.  Robbie pulled out all of the old
drywall and his brother, David came to help reinstall the
new drywall.  And while you have the cieling down - 
go ahead and rewire everything and throw some
insulation up there!
And build some window seats to cover
that exposed ductwork!
No problem!!
The amazing work crew!

The water heater lives in the basement.

Notice the water heater is missing from next to the stove now.

We came up with a plan to relocate it
to the basement during the kitchen project.

We also re-plumbed the entire house.

So much better!!
We were also able to add a filtration and
water treatment unit and sump pump!
Luv it!!

Rippin' out the kitchen!

It is really hard to describe this room/kitchen to give you
 the REAL effect, as the photo does not do it justice.
There are a variety of paint colors schemes (none of which
were completed) and several layers of floors exposed. 
I think a counted up to twelve different colors at one
point and had to stop due to nausea.  Knobs are
missing, boards are hanging, sink is chipped,
windows don't open, holes in the floor and did I
mention the water heater just sitting in the middle of it all?
And still my dream home!

Robbie says "step ONE" in any of our projects is:
He dug through five layers of damaged flooring.
We removed all of the old rotton and water damaged wood -
that had to include the cabinets and countertops -
sink and all....
We also wanted to open up the space to the dining area -
so we enlarged the doorway.

We have been without a kitchen since July of 2009.

We have added insulation and new windows - that work!
This project will be continued....

Cabinet inserts in studio.

These are the cabinets in the studio - the two uppers
were made to accept glass inserts.
I made a set of companion panels with
a dragonfly to accent the design in the
front office entry.

Frog window for TGA office

Window opening in my office wall next to workshop.

Jesse provided the artwork and detailed the sketch.

The design contains fused glass components using traditional
 and new copper foil techniques.

Detail of solder of frog hand...

Back lighting gives a different look.

This is the view from my desk -
thanks for your help, Jesse!!

Front Entry Door for The Glass Anvil

Front of the workshop/studio in 2006

Window and door openings installed 2007
Found an antique door that had broken glass.

Made repairs to the door and refinished the paint.

Built a new stained glass panel for the door.(2008)

Finished the glass panel installation and painted
the door and trim.  Completed 2009.