Losing an Old Friend

This was the Grand native pecan tree next to our house.
It was estimated to be near 150 years old
and was the best tree on the property.
The neighbors say that it took a direct
lightning strike several years before we bought the place.
Apparently the damage was greater than it showed,
and the tree and been dying for some time.
It split open down the main trunk
and laid a giant limb across the yard in front of the house.
This left the rest of the dying tree dangling several
more very large limbs over the roof.
We had to have a tree removal company come
and take it down - a very sad day.
We are thankful that we had no damage
to the house and hope to plant another tree soon.

Putting in the Pond (in Ten Easy Steps)

Step one: Get a pasture or a field and pick out a nice spot to dig.

Step two: Get a dozer of qualified size and one that comes
with a qualified dozer operator.

Step three: Start digging.

Step four: More digging.

Step five: Measure the hole and make sure it
is deep enough.

Step six: Wait for rain.

Step seven: Wait for more rain.

Step eight: Go buy some fish....

..... lots of fish.

Step nine: Put fish in pond.

Step ten: Enjoy!

We are having a great time with the pond -
since it is been added we have also noticed
the other creatures that come
to enjoy it as well. We have resident
frogs, toads, turtles, dragonflies, herons,
egrets, coots, raccoons, dear, coyotes and....
did I mention the snakes?