Creating the Studio/Workshop Interior - phase three and 1/2

Ater the cabinets and counters we moved on to the light fixtures and plumbing.

By now it is mid January and the trim work around the doors and windows are completed.

We installed pine laminate in my office to match the cabinets and carpet in the main studio area.

The carpet installers came February 13-14 and they were the last contractor on the schedule. Time to move in and finish the detail work!!

Creating the Studio/Workshop Interior - phase three

Time to start painting and getting the interior finished out. After drywall the carpenters showed up to finish out the cabinets, workbenches and shelves.

We installed pine cabinets with laminate countertops for more storage.

D.O.G. likes to hang out in the studio and inspect all of the work - he really likes the new space.

Creating the Studio/Workshop Interior - phase two

After the doors go up we had the sheetrock team and drywall mud experts come in and do their stuff - they had the place covered up, floated and taped within two weeks - by now it's mid December and the weather outside is cold and wet. We set up space heaters for the workers and to help the paint dry. The drywall really brought the view of the space to reality - we are so excited!!

These guys make it look way too easy - we really appreciated thier hard work.

Creating the Studio/Workshop Interior - phase one

After transforming the exterior of the workshop - we moved to the interior and began the work to turn this once garage/barn into a glass art studio.

The original owner was the driver for the Pearl Beer Distributor and this building was originally used to park and store the Pearl Beer Trucks.

We divided the space into three areas: first is a two car garage space that has Robbie's work benches, tools and wood working equipment, the second is an office space for me and my glass design work, the third is the actual glass art studio and work space.

After the space was divided, we began the reinforcing of the original walls and adding doors and windows to bring in more natural light.

After the studs and windows we started on the electrical phase - we added a 200 amp service for all of the power requirements and with all of the outlets and breakers we must have 2 miles of wiring - it is everywhere, but you can never have too much power!!